GiGi Mirrors

performance project (2020 - ongoing)

Through the alter ego GiGi Mirrors, Ingeborg is exploring themes such as the fetishizing of youth, gender politics, nostalgia and the private (body) contra the public (gaze). Partly informed by the drag scene, the process with GiGi is instant, experimental and with a strong DIY mentality where the creation of GiGi’s clothes and props becomes a vital part. The use of sampling and lip syncing are other elements borrowed from the art of drag. Since the birth of GiGi in the early 2020s she has made a music video, performed at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, as well as done several performances in collaboration with Papa Yorick and Sophie van den Berg.

GiGi’s Affirmations - Rietveld UNCUT at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL 2021

GiGi’s Room (2021) performative documentation of performance and documentation 

GiGi TV (2021) in collaboration with Sophie van den Berg