Neptun Olimp

staged situation (2021) in collaboration with Vladi Stanoi 

Neptun Olimp is the name of a beach in Romania to which a lot of Swedes went on vacation in the earliy 90s. Together with Vladi Stanoi we fantasized about this place along with our own memories and stories about the beach as a place for courtship and unavoidble tension and intention. About both feeling exposed and wanting to be seen, and about a communication that exceeds language. By using this very specific time and place as a setting, we wanted to speak in an playful manner about this human game as an eternal phenomenon.

The work consisted of sand from the beach in Haarlem, old Romanian parasol, the smell of cheap SPF,  two sun bathing Swedish girls talking in Swedish or reading Sylvia Plath and Friedrich Nietzsche, a blue wall, four Romanian boys (also in beach wear) eating sunflower seeds (“pipas”) and speaking Romanian while looking at the girls, a 15 seconds long loop of the sound of seabirds.